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Virtual Reality Headset with Magnetic Gaming Trigger, High-definition Aspherical Lens, Adjustable Head Strap and Versatile Compatibility

$12.99 $23.99

  • Description:

    The Future Is In Front Of You Strap in and prepare for the latest in virtual reality. This Virtual Reality Headset delivers your phone’s 3D gaming and video effects and offers 360 ° panoramic views. It is a fun and affordable way to experience the future of entertainment.Comfort Fitting Wearing the headset feels comfortable and snug on your head due to a balanced design that redistributes the weight to relieve tension, stress, and pressure, ensuring you can use the headset for longer.

    Would it not be a bummer if you were exploring a whole new dimension that unfolds before your eyes and the unresponsiveness of the control button reminded you that is just a game streaming through your phone? To make virtual reality even more real, the device sports a smaller build so that the magnetic button benefits from an improved coverage and is more responsive than ever.


    • Field of View (FOV): Level
    • Lens: high-definition aspherical Lens
    • Lens diameter: 42mm
    • Visual angle: 100%
    • Image definition: 99%
    • Color shading: 0%
    • Materials: ABS plastic, resin
    • Weight: 1lb.
    • Product dimensions: 7”x4”x5”
    • Condition: new
    • Includes Magnetic Gaming Trigger for an ultimate gaming experience!

    Other Information:

    • Fully Immersive Viewing Experience
    • Delivers your phone’s 3D gaming and video effects
    • Fully enclosed for undisturbed viewing
    • Offers 360 ° panoramic views
    • Simulates a screen as wide as 9.8ft. (3M).
    • Versatile Compatibility
    • Fits most phones with screens up to 5.5”
    • Supports both Android and iOS apps.
    • Adaptable Design for Comfort
    • Can be adjusted to accommodate farsightedness or nearsightedness
    • Can be worn by anyone who wears prescription glasses
    • Adjustable head strap.