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Virtual Reality Headset By Element Works - Fully Adjustable 3D VR Glasses For VR Headset Video Gaming

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  • Description:

    Welcome To The Digital Age, With The Best Virtual Reality Headset You Could Ever Have! Do you still think that quality, virtual reality gaming headsets exist only in movies, or that they are accessible only to a select few, due to their high cost? Think Again! ElementWorks has developed the best, most affordable VR headset that anyone can enjoy!


    With proprietary, advanced technology, our headset provides lifelike pictures and video, helping you fully immerse yourself in the gaming or viewing experience – to the point where you will feel like being the protagonist yourself!


    You now have the freedom to choose just how close you want your phone to be! Our headset accommodates those with nearsightedness and far sightedness, while it also caters to anyone’s individual viewing preferences, too! Thanks to its adjustable strap, it can be effortlessly be worn by all members of the family, who will be undoubtedly vying to join in on the fun!


    Forget bulky, heavy VR apparatuses – these are a thing of the past! Our headset is pretty straightforward to use. Simply slide the headsets’ phone box, insert your smartphone and slide it back in – and you’re ready to experience movies and gaming, like you’ve never had before!


    • Fully Immersive Viewing Experience
    • Delivers your phone’s 3D gaming and video effects
    • Fully enclosed for undisturbed viewing
    • Offers 360 ° panoramic views
    • Simulates a screen as wide as 9.8ft.(3M).
    • Versatile Compatibility Fits most phones with screens up to 5.5”
    • Supports both Android and iOS apps.
    • Adaptable Design for Comfort Can be adjusted to accommodate farsightedness or nearsightedness.
    • Can be worn by anyone who wears prescription glasses
    • Adjustable head strap.

    Other Information:

    • Field of View (FOV): Level
    • Lens: high-definition aspherical Lens
    • Lens diameter: 42mm
    • Visual angle: 100%
    • Image definition: 99%
    • Color shading: 0%
    • Materials: ABS plastic, resin
    • Weight: 1lb.
    • Product dimensions: 7”x4”x5”
    • Condition: new

Model- EW-VRHT1